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Dianne’s culinary experts work with you to turn information into actionable sales-building solutions. We are masters in dessert planning, with an insatiable appetite for accessing late-breaking dessert trends that drive profits.

Sales Building Insights

Even as more and more people look to healthier options, commercial desserts, foodservice desserts and retail desserts remain in demand. In fact, 99% of American consumers eat dessert, and 70% do so at least once a week – an increase from 57% just three years ago. Part of the reason, operators are finding new ways to cater to the more health conscious. Bite-sized and individual desserts and commercial dessert bars are an ideal way for people to indulge while still maintaining “healthy” portions. Not so surprisingly, 1/3 of customers say they are more likely to order desserts that are available as individual desserts or individual frozen desserts.

Ingredients also play a key role with these conscientious diners with Greek yogurt and whole grains playing a big part in their decisions. Some suggestions for using better-for-you ingredients:

  • Use Greek yogurt for cheesecake filling
  • Use whole grains/alternative flours for baking
  • Use fruits and nuts as dessert toppings and flavor enhancements

60% of consumers express interest in seasonal desserts.1

A great way to build even more sales is to take advantage of seasonal tastes. Download unique marketing ideas to make your dessert menu really shine.

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Another sales-building trend that meets today’s demand is the desire for “clean-label” products. Dianne’s has the insights and innovations to help you customize your own signature clean-label desserts.

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Dianne’s dessert insiders continually uncover invaluable data and up-to-the-minute trend insights to help make your dessert menu a success.

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